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Full Duty Foot Boy!

So, since I became your full duty foot boy, now when I hear "assume your position" I am to drop my pants, kneel to the floor, and gently hold one foot in my hands while slowly kissing, and caressing them. I'm not allowed to touch myself until you see me with a raging hard on from just kissing your feet. Once instructed, I eagerly wrap my hand around my manhood and start stroking-while continuing to kiss your foot and run my tongue up your arch.

Knowing my place, I automatically lower your foot when I start to leak pre cum, and rub your toes across the wetness, then raise it back up, where I immediately start kissing it again. I hear you coax me along with a "that's it, now take this for me"  Pulling your feet away, I feel your hand on the back of my head as you lower me to your strap on. With one hand behind my head, your other hand guides your shaft into  my mouth, as you start to grind your hips back and forth against my lips. You tell me you have a surprise for me as I notice someone walk up beside us. "Do you want it?" 

Thinking it was one of your girlfriends I anxiously said yes. As you slowly stroke your strap on against my lips, you say "are you sure"  knowing  I am already worked up enough to go along with anything. "Yes ma'am" I reply. Pushing me back to my original position, I can now see you have another stroker boy standing there, pumping and rubbing his shaft against your foot. By the time I notice, your free foot is against my head and pulling me towards the foot he is pumping against. Doing as I'm told, I begin kissing the sole of your foot while feeling his cock slap against the side of my face and lips. I can see pre cum stringing out against your foot, as I continue hungrily kissing your soles.

As I feel your toes open my mouth, I forget about anyone else being there, and anxiously accept the idea of sucking your beautiful little toes, As I'm sucking on your toes, I feel a firm grip on the back of my head, as it pushes me down on more and more of your foot. About to gag, I try to pull away but am held there. With my head held down, sucking on your foot, I see he is pumping faster and faster against my lips and your foot. Taking your foot out of my mouth, just your toes remain as you lower my jaw, to leave me with an open mouth. I feel the soft sole of your other foot  against my cheek as you turn my head to face him. I hear you tell him to cum.

Not me-I'm to wait and continue putting my pre cum on you foot for you to watch me clean. As he starts shooting, it hits your foot, toes and my face. Waiting as he milks himself dry, rubbing it across your foot and my lips, you tell me if I am to be your foot boy, I am to make myself cum while tongue bathing your feet, and when I'm ready let go, I'm to put both of your feet on my head so you can bend me over and make me shoot it in my face, using only your feet to wipe up with, and keep licked clean. Being as addicted as I am to Ms Mandy's feet, it is a small price to pay for the privilege of kissing and loving on her soles.   Your forever foot boy.

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