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Here is an interesting little fantasy... I will run this one by you guys ... does it make you all excited to see your wife with an other guy? Do you think you could do it or would you have to be restrained? Even though you want it, you need it force upon you, don't you? So here is a little scenario.....After constantly begging his wife to tie him up and to do whatever she could imagine to humiliate him, his pretty little wife, she finally came to me one day with a plan. Putting on her sexiest dress, and making a phone call, wifey came back into the room, and said that she wanted to tie her sweet husband up. Fear, was his first reaction, then excitement, he was so eager to used by her, he agreed only too fast.
That was his first mistake. Without another second of hesitation, his pretty wife walked out of the bedroom. Returning to the room, in her hand was lengths of rope, and a wooden stool. Come over here sexy, his wife, beckoned him. As she did so his heart started to race. He could not imagine what she had planned. "Strip" she murmurs....Taking off his things, hubby was naked within seconds. Standing there exposed, she still had that little hot red dress on, and her nipples were poking thru the spandex material. Making his cock hard looking at her, she takes his hand and pulls him over the stool, this is near the foot of the bed. She then tied his hands to the bedpost, and his ankles to the stool. Making his chin rest on the rail of the foot of our bed.
Once he was totally restrained, the fun was about to begin and hubby knew it, His sexy wife starts to rub her hand up and down his naked ass cheek. Then almost tickling his balls and now very stiff cock. Whispering now in his ear, she squeezes his dick, while she tells him that he will be getting a surprise that she has been planning. Walking out the door, her husband hears her on the phone giggling and saying that she will see them shortly. Nervous anticipation mounts, as her hubby, restrained, now is trying to hump the stool, and wonder what is going to happen next. His pretty wife, now sits on the edge of the bed, almost letting her pussy touch his anxious tongue that is pointing out of his mouth. But no, she decides not to make it that easy for him. Instead, she returns and lays on the bed playing with her pussy, and laughing.
The moment was cut short as the door bell rings, she giggles again and says, you are a lucky boy, "Your surprise is here." Tightening up the restraints, and leaving him with his hardon and imagination, his sexy wife, wiggles out the door. He is at her mercy and she knows it. To his horror a male enters the room, a big good looking guy. His wife, quickly informs him that since he gave her the green light to do anything, she decided that she would take it.
She unzips the strangers pants, and out comes a big 9" cock, she takes it into her mouth, and she sucks it hungrily, not the way her husband was used to getting his cock sucked at all. They then crawl into our bed, now they are both nude, and hubby has to watch this guy, pound his wife. As if this was not enough, there is a knock at the door, and another big man, enters the room, and her husband realizes the night is just beginning as his wife is planning on banging the two guys.
However, that is not what happens, her husband now is protesting and trying to get free, saying he can't stand the thought of his wife with another man, his protests only lead the two guys to go over to her husband bound to the stool, they look at him and laugh, and then the three of them laugh more, as they decide to gang bang her husband instead...
Her poor husband now has the look of fear on his face. Tied, hands to the bedpost, ankles bound to the stool, these two amazingly handsome studs, are looking down at him, laughing with his pretty wife, standing alongside them. They are all sizing up, how vulnerable he is, and talking out loud about how his ass, is wide open, laughing more, they do not seem to be able to stop making fun of his position. Hubby keeps begging them to let him free, and that he thought this was a joke, never dreaming that things could possibly go this far. To no avail, they do not free him. He sighs nervously and continues to beg them not to proceed. He then tell them that they can have his wife. Anything but his precious manhood.
At this his wife, a bit stunned, laughs more, and tell the boys to make sure his ties are secure...His wife hops up on the bed now, she begins to finger her pussy. This entire scene is making the men hard and horny for him and his wife, their hard cocks are bobbing in front of his face, but he keeps his mouth shut tight as they rub the precum on their cocks all over his face. Each move they make, is followed by a wave of laughter. His wife is feverishly fingering her pussy, telling these macho men to fuck her husbands mouth already. She says...."put your dick in his mouth, I want to see him suck your cock." Letting out another round of laughter, she reaches into the night table and takes out a dildo. This time she puts it into her pussy, now fucking herself, her hubby was becoming dizzy from all the commotion.
The taller of the two men, says to his wife, "I don't think I can get my cock in his mouth, he has it shut tight." "Oh really, she replies...and takes the dildo out of her pussy." Over to his face, she tells her husband to lick her juice off the dildo. The smell of her juices next to his nose makes him weak. Submissively, he opens his mouth and sucks on the dick. All three start to cheer him on, and call him a cock sucker. Deep shame and humiliation spread throughout his body. His cock is now rock hard, and pressed against the stool. Wifey goes around to see, and sure enough she yells out. Boys, he is all hard now.
The men are now once again rubbing their dicks on his face, and again he has his lips shut tight, After all, a dildo is one thing, Real dick is another. "Suck him" his wife commands but hubby refuses. One male gets off of the bed and walks behind her bound mate, seeing his cock and balls are so vulnerably displayed, he chuckles and says 'Suck him" Unfortunately for the husband, he refuses again, this time the blonde he man, reaches down and grabs her husbands balls, and he squeezes them and pulls down with on them with great force. "Suck him or I will rip them off", he says... The pain is so intense her husband lets out a scream, opening his mouth. Just at that moment, a stiff cock is thrust into his mouth.
With this huge dick in his mouth, he looks up to see his wife, once again using the dildo and fucking herself, with a crazed look in her eyes, He has never seen her more aroused then at that moment, where he has the cock shoved down his throat, to the point of making him choke. The other guy does not stop pulling on her husband's balls, as he jacks off, with his other hand. The cock down his throat is choking him to the point that he can not breath, but they do not seem to care, they all continue to use him like a slut.
Just when her husband thought that it could not get worse. His wife yells out.... "Fuck me, make him watch you fuck me." Pulling the dildo out of her mouth, he takes his big cock and starts to fuck her in front of her husband. With her pussy close to her husband's face, he watches as this HUGE cock penetrates her wet pussy. Each thrust makes his balls back hit her husbands face. The harder he fucks her the harder his face gets slapped.
The other guy finally lets her husbands balls free, which are now swollen and purple. Glad to be free of the pain, and feeling that perhaps he would soon be let free, he is sadly disappointed. The moment they are released, a wave of dread spreads over him again as he feels this guy rubbing his cock on his open ass. Lurching and trying to get free, he pulls violently but cannot free himself, finally, dropping limply over the stool, unable to struggle any longer, he feels him penetrate my ass. Her husband lets out a moan as his manhood is violated for the first time. His wife's fuck toy is pounding his butt hole, and her other lover is fucking her love whole. Her husband starts to moan, his cock is still rock hard, he starts to hump the stool as he is pounded by the huge piece of meat that is stretching him wide open. Just as this guy is about to cum in his ass.... They hear her husband let out a scream..... moan lead to her husband shooting his huge load, all over the stool, Then the others all follow suit, moaning they all have orgasms simultaneously, the room is filled with moans of pleasure. As if this was not enough, his wife, hops over to her husbands face, spreading her legs open wide, she demands.... "Clean me up!"



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