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Mandy's Fantasies

I thought a great idea would be to post some hot fantasies that callers have sent in to me, They get me all hot and wet.. I hope you enjoy.. let me know what you think!

My fantasies? Many, but some examples, that might spark other ideas...
Sensual teasing and lots of denial. You love getting made up and dressing beautifully for dates classy locations, touching my wrist, standing a fraction too close, rubbing my inner thigh or playing footsies over lunch. When it comes for “sex”, you take me to the edge then stop and deny again and again, saying poor baby, as I try harder and harder to please you. I get desperate, you use the opportunity to “persuade me” to agree to something, like putting on a chastity device, or being tied and beaten, or tied and left for the evening, or to serve a week of breakfasts in bed, or massages…whatever. You absolutely love teasing denial and a desperate, lusting, begging and thoroughly lust crazed pliable partner.
Humiliating and degrading men. Once I am lusting for you, perhaps enhance through chastity, you get a kick from exercising your power. Far more than "the have a small dick". You enjoy creating mental anguish from public and private humiliation. In public, walking behind you as a bag carrier, getting slapped, abused or bossed, drinks thrown in my face, or forced to submit. – then being forced to thank you for it. Resistance is met with threats of prolonging relief from chastity/denial or punishment. In private it might be having to sleep at the foot of the bed or elsewhere, forced masturbation, eating you leftovers from under the table, being naked or dressed to your taste.
BDSM. You punish to enforce your will, because you enjoy it, and sometimes simply to play. One game I’d love to play is tease and escalate. Teased to desperation I agree to receive punishment, it hurts so I beg for it to stop, the teasing resumes and I am forced to choose whether it will stop or agree to a little more punishment, the punishment is escalated and the cycle resumed. The escalation should take many forms, harder caning, changing from crop to whip…making me helplessly restrained and removing a safe-word….whatever. The excitement comes for you in breaking my logical will by teasing to increase my level of desperation. SM Toys to play with? Butt plugs, canes, paddles, riding crops, whips, single tail, electrical toys, asphyxia. BD Toys? Every sort of restraint.
Recently I had a guy fuck a sex doll... while I listened......
I'm a 26 y/o sissy boi. I have a male silicone sex doll... He has a 10inch cyber-skin cock, I'd love you to instruct me on how to fuck his cock. I have lots of lingerie I can wear, from teddies to corsets to bustiers, stockings gloves wigs, the whole 9 yards. I'm a little cum whore to... so I can wear a condom so you can make me drink it or pour my huge load on my face. Make me feel like a total cock toy.

This is what I had in mind: You sitting on my face with your sweet cum-filled pussy and ass, and forcing me to eat the sticky cream-pies like a good little cuckold. Then, forcing me to jerk-off for you while you use my mouth and your girlfriends watch and laugh at me and step on my balls with the sexy new heels that they bought with my credit card. All the while, you video-tape the humiliation and humiliate me mercilessly - verbally degrading me to tears. And you force me to cum again, and again, and again - forcing me to thank you and the girls for hurting me.
Sadistic, naughty, and fun - huh?
 Each of these is getting even hotter!!!

Can you pretend that you really enjoy getting me (a 30ish, handsome, successful, white male) all hot and bothered as you seduce me with your wickedly deceptive mind and lustful body into agreeing to be tied me up in a "special" position that you have thought out because it really works for your hidden ulterior motives and intentions. [You see, you have to get me into just the right position because you and your bf made a very significant but friendly wager with all of your hot sexy gfs that you could make me (a successful white male and former bf of one of your gfs) lick your sweet clit and soft asshole as you were getting slowly fucked by your current boy friend, and one of the stipulations is that all of your friends must be able to witness the entire humiliation scene (especially my former gf and her new bf) as it is being orchestrated by you and your bf. So, part of your plan is to mesmerize me with your charms and get me all tied up then you ask me to do you a special kinky favor and urge me to agree to eat your pussy and ass after you let me fuck you.] You make me think that it really gets you off and gets you so wet. You even tell me that you will bring over a couple of your gfs to play if I agree. Of course, I end up agreeing as long as you keep it a secret. ;-) After I finish Cumming (pretend), I tell you that I have changed my mind and begin to struggle to get free, but you quickly put your crotch all over my face so that I have no choice but to comply with your request. As you ride my face and laugh at me as you force me to clean you all out and then some, you call you gfs and ask them to come on over, its all set up, and you tell me that a couple of your gfs want to fuck you with a very life like black dildo right over my face and that I had better hold still or you would tell them that I ate my own cum moments earlier. I get so embarrassed and turn so red, but you tell me its ok, just do as I am told. I ask to watch, but you say that you are going to cover my eyes so that I just have to imagine it all as you slide your ass cheeks over my eyes. <knock, knock> I hear the girls talking it (the facade that a gf wants to fuck you with her new lifelike dildo) up as your bf secretly and quietly begins to slowly fuck you over my face and explodes all inside your hot pussy and your lower belly. As you reposition yourself to seal the bet and my humiliating oral demise, I catch a glimpse of your bf and hear him laugh at the fact that you and him are just moments away from winning this bet and converting another successful white male into your cream pie slave stable that will be forced into servitude for special party favors later on this year. This works out well for you because both of you really enjoy forcing an unsuspecting white man to eat your pussy and ass clean after your bf shoots his hot cum all over your pussy, lower belly and ass. The scene is perfect as you forcefully grind your sweet crotch all over my face and I also hear you taunting me as you laugh with your gfs and your bf pushes my head into your creamy crotch areas. For some reason, I seem to have heard one of your gfs (unknown to me you have invited one of my former gfs) say that she would like to use me in a similar manner later with her current bf and another hot woman is complaining that the women’s toilet seems to be broken and that I should be trained to taste a woman's wine.... hmmmmm.
I have always felt like I should be used this way and so want to exp it.. even in real time.. I want to be used by you in this manner... treated kind of nice at first, less than nice in the middle, but nice again at the end after I have made you a happy... like I was a friend that you like making happy for some strange reason;
Great summer fantasy.. what do you think?
I would luv to do a long, sexy, feminization call out on my back porch. There's a bright moon out tonight with enough light to see the other homes in the neighborhood. Would you like to make me do a sexy strip tease, put some clothes pins on my balls, bend me over the railing and make me fuck and suck one of my girlfriends big vibrators in different positions, working it deep and hard in my ass and down my throat, wiggling my ass for the neighborhood, then then pull it from my ass, cum all over it and slowly suck it clean for you, like the biggest slut in the neighborhood.

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