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My husband is very hot for me. We have wild times together, a lot of role-playing and games, he enjoys that I like to watch him masturbate, and also that I get pleasure from other guys. My husband is very brilliant, I think that makes him more interesting sexually for me, and like to make sure I keep him on edge, especially when he goes off on his business trips, which is pretty much, all the time. He spends 75% of the year, traveling to locations, that his job sends him to. Leaving me with a lot of time, to explore my sexuality, and keep myself busy with shopping, and taking care of myself.

I have the luxury of having a wonderful boyfriend, he is a bit younger then I am, and very handsome and well endowed. I like to get him all worked up, telling him about my husband, and how I like to make my husband masturbate for me. Even though, I rarely have sex with my husband anymore, my boyfriend does not believe me, and it makes him crazy, when I tell him, I like my husband to jack off for me.

Maybe I am perverted, but when my husband, comes home from a trip, wearing an expensive white starched shirt and tie, and walks in the door, something magic seems to happen, when he loosens his tie, and removes his jacket. I get this urge to see what is hiding in his pants. It has happened more then one time, that I cannot wait for him to expose himself to me.


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