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Erotic guided masturbation Mandy

"The Surprise" - New Holiday (12/2010) Erotic Story by
Ms. Mandy

Kisses and Denial - (9/23/07 - Mandy and hubby have romantic evening)

Into the Cup - (9/8/07 - Mandy and Friend Dr.Val, have a little fun at the Dr's office.
A CFNM guided masturbation fantasy)

Manuel and Me - (8/11/07 Cucky tales at the beach, about my hubby,
threesome, Darcy, getting our house painted.

3 Some at the Beach and Umbrella's - (7/25 - Me and my hubby
and friend in Bucks County.

Panties at the Beach (7/16) - My friend Darcy wrote about
what happened to us this past weekend.

THE BREEZE - (7/13) - handsome neighbor watches a threesome - Mandy and her Bf

3 Some at the Beach (6/30) Richard, and hubby and myself enjoy the day at the beach.

LUNCH With Tim - Tim and I have lunch (6/25) Darcy rides with me to the shore.

SUMMERHOUSE - About Tim and my Hubby and our Summer Vacation Spot (6/2)

Mandy's Vacation - hubby is locked in chastity, while wife is pleasured by her new
young lover Jacque, See what Mandy makes her hubby do..

DARCY' s  Story... Darcy wrote a hot sexy story about a 3 some with Cucky boyfriend.

Panties for Sven - guided masturbation story about Sven wearing my panties.

MASTURBATE for Mandy - Sexy mechanic ends up masturbating for Mandy while he is at work

Lunch with Roxanne and Josh - story about guided masturbation
after a sexy lunch date with my pretty girlfriend

Submission to Mandy - Story about early submission of my husband,
and also what you might expect from a phone session with me.

Cuckold Honeymoon with Ben - story of my honeymoon night with my first husband.

All Tied Up - story about a wife forcing her hubby to suck c**
and be gang banged by her two lovers.

The Cuckolding of TinyPP
(session with a wannabee cucky)

Mandy's Cucky Hubby Spoils her, and she has sex with lover instead!

Addicted to Mandy - Cucky hubby is Addicted!

Cuckold Story with Real Man Boyfriend and Sissy Candi - See who has sex with whom?

Real Man Boyfriend story! Episode about my On Line Cucky Hubby!

The Callback - by Laurie's Husband - Cuckold story sent and written by a caller,
we did a great role play phone sex call about this!

Super Bowl Party - by Laurie's Husband - Another hot Cuckold Story,
about Laurie and a real man!

Laurie - by Laurie's Husband, hot cuckold love story!

Summer Love - humiliation, cuckolding, and financial domination
with my On Line Cucky Hubby!

Wake UP - A Laurie's Husband Story

"The Clambake" - New -8/23/08 -humiliation with my OnLine Cucky Hubby,
Tyrone, and good for all your little dick loser's out there!

Brandon's Cock - bi fantasy with little dick loser

Cucky Hubby goes to Mexico- story written by my Online Cucky Hubby

Cucky Hubby Goes to Mexico Part 2

The Bride and Chastity
"A story written by an admirer"

OnLine Cucky Hubby get's
Ms. Mandy Sneakers...

The Electrician

OLC at "Casa De Stroka"

Hubby gets to watch!

Valentine's Day- OLC and Sissy's at "Casa De Stroka"

Get Ready to Serve Ms. Mandy

Spring forward!  Your cock and MY Beach House!

"The Surprise" - New Holiday (12/2010) Erotic Story by
Ms. Mandy

OLC, Ty, and Darren at the Casa

Sissy Michelle - Wizard of Sissy

Valentine's Day at Casa de Stroka 2011

OLC, Tattinger and Me

Wallet draining with OLC and Isobella part 1

Wallet draining with OLC and Isobella part 2

Wallet draining with OLC and Isobella part 3

Wallet draining with OLC and Isobella part 4

Wallet draining with OLC and Isobella part 5

Wallet draining with OLC and Isobella part 6

Wallet draining with OLC and Isobella part 7

Wallet draining with OLC and Isobella part 8
(Dec 2011)

Patio Stroker .. written by an admirer
"forced exhibitionism - orgasm denial"

Bitch boy in panties - Mistress Raven

Date from Hell

Caught in the act - wearing Amy's panties

Glory hole - two cocks are better then one

Wanting more cock by tiffany

Mandy looking for cock!
Mandy looking for cock! part 2

OlC returns to "Casa de Stroka"

Taylor and her father in law - by tiffany

Mandy's Husband - cuckold story New "2014"

Dr Val returns for big cock

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